lystfiskeri Jari med ørred
lystfiskeri Jari med ørred og hornfisk
lystfiskeri hornfisk far og søn
lystfiskeri fra båd


Fishing of sea trout & garfish at Nibe Camping

The area next to Nibe Camping is a fine coastline for wading with spin or fly for sea trout and steelheads. There are good opportunities for catching Greenlanders during the winter months, as well as spawning migration fish in the summer / autumn. From May to the beginning of July, there is plenty of anglerfish in the shipping lane approx. 50 - 75 m from the coast.
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We have been visited by Jari from He gives good advice for angling in the area.
See his description of the section next to Nibe Camping here.

Coastal fishing for sea trout & garfish at the Limfjord

Fishing for sea trout at Nibe Camping usually takes place as coastal fishing. When the trout pull up in the creeks to spawn in the spring, and again in the fall. The Limfjord at Nibe Camping is not very deep, so the trout come about. 100 meters from the coast in the shipping lane. It is possible to fish directly from the beach, but otherwise remember waders and go some distance into the fjord near the shipping lane. Read more about sea trout and fishing methods here

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From May to the beginning of July, lots of hornfish can be caught in the Limfjord at Nibe Camping. Fishing takes place as with trout in coastal fishing. Read more about garfish and fishing methods here.
The garfish are caught on slender flashes, herring pieces and flies. Days of sunshine often give the best results. The garfish also bites on downrigger blink, so if you fish for sea trout in the angling season, it is often caught as by-catch.
Here you can see the free fishing spots in Aalborg Municipality, both streams and good coastlines
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Fishing in the rivers around Nibe Camping

Both Halkær Å and Sønderup Å have outlet in Halkær Bredning, where the trout pull up from the Limfjord to spawn. See more about Halkær Å and Sønderup Å here.

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